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Jackson’s Journey – Where no one should ever have to go

Do you know what a Hemispherectomy is? Wikipedia describes it as “a very rare surgical procedure where one cerebral hemisphere (half of the brain) is removed or disabled.”

On Friday, June 29th, at 2pm, a sweet little boy named Jackson is going to be the next person to have a Hemispherectomy.

Taken from Moving Forward… to Neurosurgery:

“J has autism, cerebral palsy, sensory processing disorder and intractable (untreatable) epilepsy.  A form of epilepsy called LKS / ESES.  His brain is in a spike and wave pattern that, among other damages, does not allow REM sleep…the sleep needed to consolidate the days events…allowing learning to happen.  Spike and wave equivocates to his brain firing in attempts of physical manifestations of seizures…. the damage being done is pervasive.”

Jackson’s mom, Gina from is very well known in the special needs blogging community, often giving of herself and providing far more information than most “professional” sites ever have.

And now it’s time to help her out and to help Jackson continue his journey through and beyond his surgery.

They will be hosting a FUNraiser in their town, which you are more than welcome to attend. Information is here:

Also, you can help out with a donation, if you can’t attend, by going here:

I know that, being online, especially in the special needs community, we get asked to donate a lot. And we’re forced to pick and choose because as we are in the special needs community ourselves, we don’t have that much to spare as it is.

But I ask you to consider.. what if it was your child. What if you had to bring your child to the hospital, knowing that half of his/her brain was about to be disconnected? How would you feel? How much help would you need?

They’re a strong family. I know that just by reading Gina’s posts and articles. But as strong as they are, they’re going to need a little support as they continue on this journey.

If donating still isn’t something that you can do, then perhaps you could consider cards (bought or made), videos, pictures, flowers, toys or anything that you think might help to brighten up the hospital room which will be home to Jackson for some time following the surgery.

If you have something that you’d like to send, please send it to:

Special Happens / St. Aubin Family
9609 S. University Blvd., #630303
Littleton, CO 80163


Please visit the Jackson’s Journey website and read about why this is necessary, how they prepare for it and… what comes next.

Don’t do it for me. Do it for Jackson, because he doesn’t deserve these problems but he does deserve our help.

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Here is how a small donation may get you an Ipad

iPads have become the go to device, not just in every day life, but also in treating Autism. So much so that there was actually a segment on Autism in Apple’s iPad 2 launch video.

If you know all of this already, then you probably have heard of Shannon Rosa and her son Leo. If you haven’t you should start here: iHelp for Autism.

Shortly following that, Apple was in their house filming that launch video that I mentioned just a moment ago. Yes, it’s Shannon and Leo in that video.

Now they’re giving you the chance to win an iPad in a raffle just as they have… not only that but it will come preloaded with a bunch of their favourite Autism apps.

Visit Leo’s ipad Raffle at and make a small donation to the Autism Science Foundation, $10 will do… or more if you’re so inclined.

Each $10 will get you a raffle ticket that goes towards your chance of winning the iPad.

Imagine, an iPad, lots of great apps and all it costs is your donation of $10 towards an Autism charity. It’s kind of a win/win/win situation.

Hurry though, the raffle ends on April 29th at 12pm PST. The draw will be at 1pm PST that same day using

For more information, visit her blog post about it: Leo’s iPad Raffle

And for more about Shannon Rosa, visit her sites Squidalicious and The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

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Raise Money for Charity and Get a Great Gift – Bill Goldberg!


Congrats to Bill Goldberg (@therealgoldberg) and to all who participated in raising US $3,901.99 for charity, the money will go towards raising a school for orphaned children in Haiti. Also, a hearty congrats to all of the celebs who took part in this auction for such a good cause, many of whom also put some extras into the prize list to entice as much generosity as possible.

These tweets are from Bill Goldberg:

In this economy,asking someone to give $4 to charity comes with a sense of guilt..but to get $3,900 for my #TwitChange auction.. #SPEECHLESS

**********THANK YOU ALL*********

Please read all of this, even if you don’t know who Bill Goldberg is. It’s for charity and it’s important. Thank you.

If you are in the slighest bit involved in Twitter, you’ve probably heard about the TwitChange charity going on right now. If not, it is a twitter based charity from a LOT of celebrities, where you bid on eBay to have your favourite celebrity follow you on Twitter, mention you, retweet you, etc.

Some celebrities are matching the winning bids to double the money sent to those in Haiti, some are offering a few extras… and then, there’s Bill Goldberg.

The reason for this post is that even though I am aware that you may not know who he is (most of my readers are hard working moms), I am most certain that someone in your family does…. husband, father, son…. women who love good action??

Bill Goldberg was the first and only man to go undefeated for 173 matches in WCW wrestling, even beating Hulk Hogan during his run. He went on to star in television shows and movies, like Universal Soldier: The Return and The Longest Yard.

The reason I’m writing this today, instead of my usual advice or experiences on Autism is that I believe that this is a great charity, goes to a great cause and I’m inspired by all that Bill Goldberg is willing to do above and beyond what is asked of him to raise money.

In addition to following the winner, or other twitter stuff… he’s willing to phone the winner for a personal call, do a webcam chat, give the winner his name plaque from Pros vs Joes, some memorabilia from his movie The Longest Yard and even have the winner visit him in San Diego. In fact, he’ll pick up the winner at the airport personally in the muscle car of your choice (well, from what he has in his garage).

On top of this, he’ll continue to add on to the pile of winnings for each day that the charity runs, which still has 5 days remaining as of the time of this writing.

Even if you do not know who he is, even if the things he’s done does not interest you, someone in your family likely does. Ask around, find out, get this as a gift if you can. If you can’t afford these bids, ask those people anyway because maybe they can, or can find a way and would like to win this great package.

Bill Goldberg is doing a wonderful thing far beyond what is asked of him and I’m saddened to see that the support just isn’t there. The bids aren’t that high. However, that is good news for you as you could get all these winnings for someone in your family at a relatively low bid.

I have vowed to support him as best I can because I, like many who read my blog, do not have much to offer but we still support each other, especially when what we support is a wonderful cause. And this is one.

Other celebrities are getting tons of bids simply based on who they are. That’s great, they do not require my support nor warrant it quite as much because they are simply coasting on their fame and not offering any more than what is asked of them. I still wish them the best, of course.

But if I can help Bill Goldberg get even one more bid than what he had previously, then I have to try. It’s worth it.

You can bid for Bill Goldberg here:

Updated Listing, You get:

Bill Goldberg (@therealgoldberg):

  • follow you on twitter
  • retweet you
  • mention you
  • he’ll phone you
  • do a uStream webcam chat with you
  • you get his autobiography – signed
  • his name plaque from Pro’s vs Joe’s
  • swag from his movie The Longest Yard
  • he’ll pick you up in San Diego personally in the muscle car of your choice
  • dinner
  • VIP concert at @BellyUpMusic
  • Alice Cooper signed guitar
  • @TheFatBoys CD set
  • @TheFatBoys will follow you on twitter as well
  • $100 gift card from AutoZone
  • gift card for Dominos
  • @HeadBlade shaving kit
  • more!

And he’s not done adding more!

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