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Association Between Maternal Obesity And Autism

Women are the only human beings on the earth that are capable of giving birth to a child. During the state of pregnancy, a woman should maintain good health so as to be able to give birth to a healthy child. However, pregnant women are not exempt from being obese. Obesity has become a global problem for general health and it is increasing in its prevalence, and it is more common for women to be obese than men.

Maternal Obesity and Autism

Pregnant women can also become obese during pregnancy. This is a bad indication of general health and when a pregnant woman is obese; she has a higher risk of suffering from other medical diseases and may lead to giving birth to a child with a condition like autism.

What is Maternal Obesity?

It is often called parental obesity or overweight or weight gain which is a term that is experienced by a woman during the state of pregnancy. It is known by medical professionals to be a risky condition for a woman that is pregnant. It can cause effects in both the mother and the fetus.

Maternal obesity affects the fetus by causing the fetus to have physical or mental defects. Aside from that it can also affect the mother by her acquiring such conditions as gestational diabetes, blood clots, hyperlipidemia and hypertension which are the common medical conditions linked to maternal obesity.

What is Autism?

Autism is a complex development disability that affects a three year old child. It is characterized with an impairment of social communication as well as interaction. In addition, the child has repetitive and restricted behavior. Medically, the autism condition has the ability to alter the nerve cells and its respected synapses to organize and connect. It has been discovered that there is a link between maternal obesity and children with autism.

What is the association between Maternal Obesity and Autism?

According to a study, women who are pregnant and obese are at high risk of bearing children with the autism disorder. The study concludes that maternal obesity is linked to neurodevelopmental problems which are seen in children, which has serious possible implications for public health.

It has been found that compared to normal healthy pregnant women; women who are obese during their pregnancy are more likely to bear a child with autistic behavior.

Hence, experts are implementing health education that is aimed at informing pregnant women about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle during their pregnancy. They can participate in Flex belt workout exercises that are easy and suitable for pregnant women. They can also follow weight loss diet program like Diet to go which will help them in their goal towards a healthier lifestyle and the prevention of obesity during pregnancy. Every pregnant woman should be aware of the importance of continuing to exercise and diet program while pregnant in order to avoid possible obesity and risk to her unborn child. Visit this page for more details on Flex Belt and Diet to go respectively.

In conclusion, the best way to fight off maternal obesity is to have a firmer grasp of the factors that could lead to it and the possible results when one has it. As they say, knowledge is power. With such, you will be able to determine that too much weight during pregnancy is not good for your baby. When you are pregnant, you should take care with your diet and your body, to be able to bear a healthy baby.

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Reasons Why Obese Mothers May Have An Autistic Child

Pregnancy is the 9 month period during which a woman carries a developing baby inside her womb. This is one of the most important milestones that a woman can experience during her life. During the woman’s pregnancy it is important for her to maintain both a healthy diet and lifestyle because what she consumes or does will affect the baby also. Hence, a pregnant woman should try to maintain herself in the best possible physical state for her own benefit and that of her unborn child.

Obese Mother Autistic Children

Understanding Autism

Autism is a medical condition that affects the behavior and social skills, as well as the language development of a child. It often appears before the child turns three years old. Basically, there is no cure for autism itself. However, early and intensive treatment can work wonders for an autistic child. There are a lot of possible risk factors which may lead to a child to suffer from autism. One such factor is when the pregnant mother is diagnosed with a metabolic problem.

According to studies, autism can be acquired by having a pregnant mother who is obese, or who has abnormal weight gain during pregnancy and has a metabolic disorder at the time of her pregnancy.

The reason behind a mother bearing a child with Autism

Medical experts have pointed out that mothers who have metabolic disorders or those who are diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus or diabetes during their pregnancies have a greater tendency to bear a child with autism.

Gestational mellitus is a state where a woman has a high level of blood glucose during pregnancy. This leads to the insulin receptor not being able to properly function and the pregnant woman becomes insulin resistant. The hormones that are associated with pregnancy interfere with the normal insulin action.

What happens in cases of gestational mellitus is that with the presence of insulin resistance, the glucose has difficulty entering inside the cell, resulting in more glucose in the bloodstream than normal. In combating this untoward scenario, there is a need to have more insulin. However, because of pregnancy, there is only a little insulin produced in a woman’s body which is not sufficient to able to accommodate the rising glucose level.

The high glucose level in the bloodstream can lead to the baby absorbing it and this will lead to there being too much glucose in the baby’s blood. This will affect the developmental stage of the baby which may be at high risk of acquiring autism if the medical condition is not corrected. Hence, it is important to prevent this occurrence prior to, or during pregnancy.

Preventive action

When a pregnant woman is healthy she is more capable of avoiding or resisting diseases that could affect her and her baby’s health. In addition, a healthy pregnant woman can enjoy life at its best without worrying about spending on medications or hospital expense for her health. Experts recommend that pregnant women invest time in keeping healthy and fit in order to avoid common health problems and enjoy their pregnancy.

Preventing occurrences of mothers giving birth to autistic children ban he helped by maintaining a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle. Another recommended preventative action is for women to participate in regular exercise such as the 24 hours fitness regime or TRX training which can help in weight loss. Find out more information on TRX training and24 hours fitness at weight loss triumph. There is nobody better positioned to take care of an unborn baby’s health than its mother, but to do this, pregnant women need to care for their own health first as it directly affects the health of their baby.

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