Learning So Fast He Shocked His Teacher!

We just received a letter in Cameron’s backpack from his teacher. The letter read:

Hi Natalie & Stuart,

This was our morning message on Monday. Some days I have the boys provide the ideas for the sentences & this is what they came up with. After reading it through together, I got an older boy to read it. Then Cameron asked to read it by himself & was able to read all of it except the 4 words underlined.
Good reading Cameron!

This was the message on the board:

Happy Monday,
Cameron slept at memere’s house.

*boys name* is going with Mummy and Papa to get his casts back on.
*boys name* has no more training wheels!
*boys name* went to Sudbury.
*boys name* went swimming in Grandma’s pool.
Love, the La Casa boys

* I removed the names of the other boys

Now, it’s not a huge shock to us or to his teacher that he can read the traditional beginner words, such as hat, cat and other words like that. (yes, I know I rhymed). What was a shock was when he volunteered, on his own, to get up and read all of that, entirely on his own and nearly got it all right!

I’m super happy just that he volunteered on his own, that he spoke up, that he wanted to do something that could have been potentially embarrassing in front of everyone!  But it blows me away on a whole other level that he can read “training wheels” and “grandma” and all those other words on his own!

Now, granted, some of it may have been fresh in his memory, they had just read it but also, keep in mind that these morning messages are new every day.

To watch him read, he’s just so very eager to be the one reading the stories himself. He has always been that way. I still have a video of him reading a story when he was 3… he didn’t even look at the words, he was just reciting from memory. But in his mind, he believed he was the one reading the story.

At this rate, he’ll be reading the Harry Potter books by the time he’s 6! And you know what? I firmly believe that if anyone could do it, it’s Cameron!

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