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Jenny McCarthy announces that she will pose nude in Playboy again “for autism”

jenny mccarthy playboy

First of all, I thought I’d put “for autism” in quotes in the title for one simple reason… she’s not doing it for autism.

You can read the news stories here

Jenny McCarthy is head of Generation Rescue, a charity that claims to fight on behalf of children, specifically children with autism and even more specifically than that, according to them, children that have been harmed by vaccines.

That’s all well and good, I can argue those points another time.

The fact is though, by focusing a cause on children, and then making efforts to raise awareness of those children… fighting for those children… she might as well have said that she’s posing nude for children.

See how wrong that sounds? No one goes nude in order to support children.. or their families. No one goes nude to support ANYTHING other than their own selfish, attention grabbing, publicity seeking stardom.

She’s not doing this for my child. She’s certainly not doing it for your child.

And don’t tell me she’s doing it to raise awareness because I think most Playboy readers gawkers have heard of autism already.

Oh, and the $2,000,000 she agreed to do it for? That goes towards autism in some form or another so it’s all good, right?

In the very second sentence of this post, I said that she’s the head of Generation Rescue… a charity. So think about it for a second.. who exactly is that $2,000,000 going to?

Sure, you could say it’s not in her name exactly, but I’m sure if it was Donald Trump funneling money to his own endeavours rather than to the cause he claims to support… one might have a different opinion.

Even still, even if every last cent does trickle down to the children in some way, it’s still not going to my child or anyone else’s child who doesn’t believe that it was vaccines that caused their child’s autism.

And that leaves out a LOT of children with autism. A LOT.

So again, she’s not doing it for autism.

She’s making a mockery of real causes and real issues.

She obviously isn’t making enough (publicity) out of her shameless self promotion of her books and so she’s doing this.. not for autism, but for herself. And only herself.

She’s in the news today. She’ll be in the news when the pictures come out. She’ll get herself onto the talk shows to talk about it. She’ll sell some more books.

My child will still be sitting on the couch playing Mario.

Great job Ms Opportunist… err… McCarthy.

For the record, to be as clear as I can… I do NOT support this idea, I do NOT feel it represents me or my child at all and I most certainly do NOT think she is representing the community.

This is disgusting. Not because she gets nude for money but because she does it in the name of autism.

For more on my research into Jenny McCarthy, read: The Jenny McCarthy-Autism paradox

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