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No one is less important than you – vlog video featuring Minecraft

In this video, I discuss our perceptions and assumptions of people that either can not speak or speak in a way that seems younger or less intelligent than we might think they should.

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Minecraft and Autism – Putting the two together in video

My children love Minecraft. It’s a “sandbox” kind of game, meaning that what you do in it is entirely up to you. You can build, adventure, fight… what ever! As I always do, to better relate and help my boys, I started playing it myself. I do this with all games that they play. I feel it’s important.

Lately, I started recording myself playing Minecraft as I was requested to show what I was working on and to create tutorials on how to make some things.

So I decided that I am going to make an effort to combine Minecraft with what I do in the autism community and that is… share.

In this video, I head out from my base and just start walking. All the while, I talk about who I am, what I do and most importantly, why.

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