There are some videos that are so accurate, so touching, so inspirational that I will BEG for you to watch. Literally, I want nothing more than to find a way to make you want to see these because they mean so much to me and your understanding of their messages means so much to me as well.

Carly’s Voice

This video introduces you to Carly, an autistic girl with all the severe symptoms, totally locked away and unable to speak until the age 11 when she sat down at a computer, pressed some keys on the keyboard and became a symbol of hope, a writer, a blogger and so much more. She still can’t speak, she still bangs her head, she still appears disabled but when you read what she writes, you will find a very intelligent young woman with a bright future ahead of her.

Autism: Every Day

This video, produced back in 2007, will shed a huge light on what it is like to live every single day with a child who has Autism. If you know someone with an Autistic child, you owe it to them to watch this and really understand what it is they go through every single day because there’s a good chance that you may not know quite as clearly as you thought you did.

Jason McElwain: Unlikely Hero

Jason has Autism and has always loved the game of basketball. He’s been a part of the team for as long as he’s been at the school but because of his Autism, has never been able to play…. until one fateful game…

Autism Reality

A short film by Alex Plank, diagnosed with Apsergers at 9 years old… “Autism isn’t good or bad, it’s a difference.”