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I don’t believe you, I believe in you

I read about fear, bullies, inflated egos, feeling of not belonging, regret, disappointment… being different. I read about suicide, running away, giving up… loss. It hurts me so much to read these things. Children feeling things they should never feel, writers feeling like their words are hated or ignored, parents feeling like they aren’t good enough for their children. It hurts to read. I can’t imagine the pain involved in writing them.

Being so entrenched in the autism community, you would think the one common factor each person with each feeling would share is that they have autism but it’s not the only common element. The other, possibly a bi-product of autism, possibly just something more people deal with than we realize, is insecurity.

They tell me they are useless, that no one listens, that they are bullied and that they are worthless. They tell me the most terrible things and they say these things about themselves.

I used to say these things about myself.

But over time, as I found my purpose, as I put my heart and soul into helping others, I began to realize something, I don’t believe myself anymore.

Don’t wait until you find your purpose. You don’t need to find a reason. You need to stop believing yourself and start believing in yourself. You are all the reason you need.

You need to have pride in yourself, respect yourself, understand how important you are and you need to believe it. Believe in yourself.

Do I know you? No, probably not. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in you. I haven’t met anyone yet that I couldn’t believe in. Because every person is important.

Autism or not, you are important. Insecurity or not, I believe in you.

Myself, my son, you, everyone… shed your insecurities and let your potential free.

I might not believe you if you say such hurtful things about yourself but I believe in you.

I’m not the only one.


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Inspiration and Insecurity – The eternal tug of war with greatness

greatnessIt is my firm belief that we all have greatness within us. Not everyone lives up to it, some people never try and others embrace it and go on to become known for their greatness.

Greatness, to me, is like energy in the universe. It’s never really created or destroyed. You can only add to or take away what you can do with it. In our case, it’s belief. Either we believe we have greatness within us or we don’t.

I often say that it’s not inspiration that makes you great, it simply helps you to see the greatness that is already within you. You believe a little bit more than you did before. That’s what I try to do. I don’t want to make you great, I just want to help you see that you already are.

Insecurity, on the other hand, is usually what keeps us from believing it. We doubt yourselves, we question ourselves, we refuse to believe others that tell us we’re great and the worst is when we’re bullied. And bullying comes in many forms including friends, parents, teachers and so forth when they tell us that we can’t do something or that we shouldn’t try or even make totally random comments just in our general presence that make us feel a little less important that we should. Our greatest bully though, is ourselves. When we dwell on something we did wrong or shouldn’t have said or we just sit and think about life in general… we bully ourselves so bad and tell ourselves the worst things sometimes.

But none of that, not the inspirational stuff nor even the insecurities will ever take that greatness away from you. Nothing can! It is there, it will always be there and not anyone can take it away or make it more or less than what it is. It’s in you.

The only thing that can change is whether or not you believe it. You believe it when you’re inspired, you don’t believe it when you’re feeling insecure. You believe it when you try something and it works but you don’t believe it when you try something and you fail. It doesn’t matter what you’re feeling or trying, that greatness will always be within you. It doesn’t change.

It’s up to you to decide what you will do with it. You need to understand that you don’t need inspiration and you definitely don’t need those insecurities.

All you need is who you are.
Because you’re great!


I know, you’re thinking that this isn’t really an autism post but in a way it sort of is. You see, I didn’t specify autism or any other special needs because I believe greatness lies within us all, regardless of gender, skin colour, medical condition or special needs. There’s greatness there. Realize your potential.

Don’t wait for someone to inspire you to recognize the greatness that is within you and certainly don’t let anyone make you bury it under it a mountain of insecurity.
Unleash it.

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