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The winner for the Determination award goes to…

Cameron Determination


Every month, as part of an effort to raise (or keep up) school spirits, the teachers pick a student from each class/grade who demonstrates the most of that month’s selected character trait to win an award.

Sometimes it’s responsibility, leadership… it’s different each month. This month, it’s determination.

And Cameron deserves this one.

From early on, knowing full well that Cameron’s struggles will likely be much greater than the average person’s, I wanted to instill in him some confidence that would still be there later in life because it’s always been a part of him.

So right from the time when he was capable of answering, I’d ask him “Cameron, what do you do when you fall down?” and he’d answer “You get back up.”

That was when he was 3. That’s still his answer today. He’s almost 7.

The reason that I picked this one thing, this one characteristic for him to hold above all else is that, through determination, he can over come any odds to achieve any other characteristic he may need.

If he wishes to be responsible, his determination can help him achieve that. If he wishes to be a great leader, his determination can help him achieve that.

Determination is the key to not just overcoming his own weaknesses and struggles but it’s also the key to achieving more than those around him.

He’ll be in a world with people that do not have autism nor any other disability and while they may accept him and may work with him… it’s his determination that will allow him to progress beyond that… beyond them… to strive harder than they ever will and to surpass them.

It doesn’t matter what he decides to do with his life… so long as he believes in himself and stays determined… he can do anything.

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The top 30 autism spectrum blogs for 2012

It was just about this time last year when Babble.com contacted me to tell me that I made it into the top 25 autism blogs for 2011… it was quite the shock! I was 21 out of 25.

Well, here I am, once again being shocked as they include me into their now updated list of top 30 autism blogs for 2012! This time, I’m 26 out of 30.

Which is a bit humorous because if they had kept their format and stuck with 25, I wouldn’t have made the cut. So thanks Babble for extending the list!! Oh, and whom ever is 31….. SORRY!

I’m not sharing this list to gloat, it is nice and all but it still doesn’t get me that cherry red corvette I’ve always dreamed of.

Instead, I’m sharing this so that you can check out the rest of the list! Go and read, bookmark and enjoy!

It’s Autism Awareness Month so venture hense forth and become aware of some other great blogs!

babble autism spectrum blogs 2012

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