Be a Guest Blogger

Be A Guest Blogger

My goal, since starting this site, has been to share stories and experiences to help the Autism community grow and become stronger. Now I am opening the doors to allow you to share your stories and experiences as well. By submitting to my site, you can add a short bio of yourself, complete with links back to your own site. This benefits everyone.

How to Subscribe

  • Click on this Register Link
  • Choose a username and enter in your email address.
  • Subscription and login link information will be sent to your E-mail.
  • Please login by using the information in your E-mail and setting your profile.
  • It is required that you to fill “Website” and “Biographical Info” at least
  • Once you have that done, contact me with your new username so that I can upgrade your account to ‘Contributor’.
  • While waiting for approval, please review the basic guidelines below


  • This is an Autism blog so Autism is the best topic to discuss. Honestly though, any topic that all parents of special needs children can relate too is welcome.
  • Your post must be unique, that means something that you haven’t already previously posted on your own site or on any other sites.
  • There are no length guidelines but a post that is little more than a paragraph likely will not be accepted.
  • You can have up to 2 link posts in your blog content but please, no affiliate links.
  • You can include one picture with your post.
  • Keep in mind that your post might not show up immediately. Depending on timing, # of submissions and other factors, it could show up on the blog at any time.
  • Should there be any changes required, or if it will be quite some time before it is displayed, you will be notified.

You’re a Guest Blogger!

Once you’ve been approved, you’re all set to begin submitting entries. Remember that writing and submitting your posts are just the start. From there, you should promote your posts as well as interact with your readers via the comments to ensure that you get the maximum exposure to your material. This will benefit you as those readers click through to your site to find more of your articles.

You will also get the added benefit of my own promoting, as I will include your posts on my Twitter account and Facebook fanpage!

I look forward to hearing from you!