Obesity During Pregnancy May be Linked to Autism in Children

Are you pregnant? Do you seek information on how to prevent neurological disturbances in your newborn? A recent study has just discovered that pregnant women who are obese may have increased risk for developing a child with autism.

obesity during pregnancy

Obesity during pregnancy

The research involved 1,000 children aged 2 to 5 years old. Among the 1,000 children, 700 had autism and other developmental delays. The remaining 300 children were healthy and did not have any problems in their development.

The mothers of the children were asked about their intra-partal health or their health during their pregnancy. The records of the women during pregnancy and delivery were available, and researchers found out that most women who had autistic children are obese during pregnancy. Although the direct connection between obesity and autism is not clear, the authors of the research have offered some theories.

When a person is obese, there is a high percentage for inflammation and increased blood sugar levels. In pregnant women, these excess blood sugar levels and the presence of inflammatory chemicals may reach the placenta and eventually the fetus causing disruptions in the development of the brain. In the long run, prolonged exposure of the fetus to inflammation and high blood sugar levels may eventually lead to developmental delays such as autism.

There were no differences in the ethnic, racial, health insurance and education levels of pregnant mothers that may have influenced the results. However, the study did not have information regarding the dietary habits and blood tests of women duringpregnancy that may be other causes for the development of autism; nevertheless, the study suggests that obese women are 67% more likely to develop autistic children that normal weight mothers. Aside from autism, obese pregnant women have twice the risk of developing other developmental delays in their offspring.

Women normally face 1 in 88 chances of developing a child with autism, but obesity during pregnancy may have just increase this to 1 in 53 chances. This is a significant increase in the risk for having a child with autism.

Since there is an increased incidence of obesity in adults, the possible increase in children with autism may just be worrisome. In this regard, it is essential for pregnant women to watch out their weight and for non-pregnant women to maintain an ideal body weight to reduce the chances of being obese before and during pregnancy.

The normal weight gain during pregnancy is 1 pound per month on the first and second trimester and 1 pound per week during the third trimester with an average of 28 pounds on the whole duration of pregnancy. Although limiting food intake during pregnancy is not advisable, watching what you eat is more beneficial. This may involve limiting fatty foods as well as avoiding binge eating during pregnancy.

It is also essential that pregnant women report any increased weight gaining during pregnancy to their obstetricians in order to minimize, if not avoid complications during pregnancy and delivery.

Are you planning to get pregnant, but you are obese? Then, this now the right time to watch your weight and start having a healthier living.

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2 Responses to Obesity During Pregnancy May be Linked to Autism in Children

  1. Fate (@fateofgrail) July 9, 2012 at 11:20 pm #

    Weight and health are completely different things. There is no ideal body weight, you can be more healthy taking care of yourself but a fat body is still going to be fat even if healthy, loosing weight is not something you can do by having a more healthy life or with diets, if it was that simple people would have no problem in making their body look anyway they want.
    There are many thin people that don’t take care of their body, there are many healthy fat people that take good care of themselves, things are not related. Better to be healthier in the body you have than to be thin by forcing diets.

    For me this new hypothesis of obese mothers became a opportunity to blame fat women for having autistic kids, a combination of fat hatred and ableism, using the hurtful propaganda of war against obesity and war against autism. One more reason for people to wrongly blame fat women and assume they are irresponsible people that harm even their own children with their sick eating habits, people love making things up to support discrimination.
    I’m surprised with a post that discriminates and judges people’s life based on the size of their bodies.

    I just remember this now but I never understood calling autism a developmental delay, the order of development is different but there is no delay, autistic people develop like normal autistic people, we are not late to anything just in our own order, weird that we apparently have a delay.

  2. josepha November 23, 2015 at 5:07 am #

    This is by far one of the dumbest links to autism I’ve ever read. Interestingly, it’s also a headline in 2015, which tells us this kind of garbage is recycled ever few years to get us to think someone is doing research, when in fact it just proves how little these so called “experts” know, since they have to recycle the same themes over and over again. My mom and dad are both skinny people, my mom gained only 35 lbs with me so that doesn’t make sense, since I’m autistic. And many other people who were born autistic had moms that didn’t gain weight. This is so fake. Please stop lying to the world about autism.

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