A Challenge to Tony Robbins: Get Involved in The Autism Community

Yes you’re a great motivator and the inspiration guru to the stars, but I’d like to see you step up to a truly great challenge and get involved in the Autism community.

Let’s face it, motivating people that seek you out (so there’s already something there that they’re just waiting to hear) and are readily able to pay for the tickets to your show, or ebooks or premium services on your site or what ever else… that’s all well and good… but it’s not a real challenge for a man like Tony Robbins.

I want to see you walk into a house and prevent something like this from happening: Murder Suicide Involving Mom and Son with Autism

I’d like to see you contend with children that won’t look you in the eye, that won’t answer your questions, that throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat… I want to see you talk to the parents that give up their cable, telephone and other luxury expenses to be able to afford their child’s diet and therapy sessions and try to motivate them.

Mr Tony Robbins, I really do like your work, honestly I do… it has no effect on me and I don’t feel inspired in the slightest however, but that’s not your fault… it’s mine. I know that I’m not the only one though, I know that there are many of us that know that our children will never be able to attend your seminars because they would never be able to handle being in a crowded room of screaming people with lights, sound systems and everything else. I know that many of us would never be able to afford the tickets anyhow.

I also know that it’s not a good business decision for you to get involved in the Autism community because no one makes money helping people that have no money. It’s good for public image but between you and I, I know you don’t need much help with that anyhow.

All the same though, I’d still love to see you get involved. I’d still love to see moms and dads and lonely people with Autism brought back from the brink and helped out by those who have the ability to do so.. you are one such man.

We don’t need a spokesman, we don’t need a celebrity to bring awareness, we need honest to goodness support and compassion… quite simply, we need help.

We’re the Autism community, we support each other and try to pass along words of encouragement knowing no one can see our tears while we sit at our computer keyboard…  but if that news story and the dozens like them are any indication, we’re just not strong enough. There’s too much to live with, too much to deal with and, because this is our children we’re talking about, there’s too much at stake.

You talk about challenges during your seminars, well… I’m putting this one out to you, because I respect you and I think (in the extremely unlikely event that you should ever even read this) that if anyone could say the words necessary to stop news stories like that from becoming more frequent… it’s you.

What do you say?

About Stuart Duncan

My name is Stuart Duncan, creator of http://www.stuartduncan.name. My oldest son (Cameron) has Autism while my younger son (Tyler) does not. I am a work from home web developer with a background in radio. I do my very best to stay educated and do what ever is necessary to ensure my children have the tools they need to thrive. I share my stories and experiences in an effort to further grow and strengthen the online Autism community and to promote Autism Understanding and Acceptance.

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10 Responses to A Challenge to Tony Robbins: Get Involved in The Autism Community

  1. Adelaide Dupont August 1, 2010 at 2:23 am #


    Mr Duncan, we’ve had lots of celebrities and non-celebrities as part of the autism community.

    And if Robbins started from nothing, he would have something to give.

    Nobody’s strong enough to deal with many of the assaults we’ve had lately.

    And I liked your Tweet of 2 hours ago.

  2. Adelaide Dupont August 1, 2010 at 2:25 am #

    And we already have a Tony Robbins in the autism community.

    His name is Barry Neil Kauffman.

    What do you think?

  3. Jennifer Milne August 1, 2010 at 2:32 am #

    Mr. Duncan,
    I understand your frustration in desiring someone such as Tony Robbins to get involved within the Autistic community. I can see your pain through your writing just as if you are living in a world no one person could ever relate to and many I am sure would never get their feet wet in. It must be like living in a glass house seeing how others live and mourning for the loss of a life your son will never have, and hurting deep down inside for all the experiences Cameron has missed and will never take part in. And then the fear of who will take care of him with compassion, patience, and unconditional love as only you know how, if something should happen to you or your wife. I am deeply sorry as nothing could ever hurt as much as seeing someone you love is continually be stared at in public because of his challenges, and knowing even the simple things, the small minor tasks are equally hard as major ones. Along with Cameron having this diagnosis, you do as well as your life eats, sleeps, lives, cries, and breaths autism so you are afflicted as well. This diagnosis immobilizes all facets of freedom, and reminds you repeatedly daily you are different, your son is different, and your family is different. Because of this you don’t have friends you would have had in a normal life because most people can’t handle the pressure, the never ending conflicts, the screaming, yelling, spontaneous bouts of rages, and because of the severity of impairments, problems keep aligning themselves daily like clockwork and have a dominoe effect as everything is contingent on the cycle of impending difficult challenges.

    I do understand Mr. Duncan, Cameron is a beautiful little boy and I can see his autism but not through my eyes yet with my experience. and I cry the same tears as you do as I know very well the life of autism as I was fortunate to hit the Autistic Lottery twice.

    I say fortunate because I have learned to become the strong woman I am today and both boys are cancer free. My son lost over 50 lbs in 4 months and came within 2lbs of having a stomach tube surgically implanted to feed him, and while in Nemours Children Hospital befriended a mother who was preparing arrangement for her 8 year old daughter’s funeral.
    No one will no the stress, the tears, the daily reminders of how our children will never marry, or experience joy as others may. What is more burdening than the overwhelming caretaking, is the pain my boys can’t laugh like other children or go through normal stages of development. As parents were given this child to embrace, nurture, love, and teach and they will not allow you to do this because their wiring is foreign. I am raising two teen agers who basically are referred to as walking infants, yet they are alive and yes it stinks, and hurts, and seems totallyunfair, but they are here with me for another day.
    Your frustrations I understand as I am a single mother raising these boys on my own. I am on food stamps and have finanancial challenges identical to those you expressed. My children do not know what a vacation is, and I don’t know if they ever will. I also know how cruel society may be because of ignorance and I am empowering myself to go out and help educate them. Autism was not my plan, but because it is here to stay its not going to take me down, and I am fighter because of it. There are also wonderful people as well. I have had police involvement as kids would literally bully, throw my Ryan to the ground put a fake gun to his head leaving a bruise and steal his shoes off his feet to urinate in them. All because he shared he like Radio Disney and at 19 his intellect is that of a 9 year old. My fourteen year old is at 3 year old level and has been left out of school functions because of the embarrassment he may cause the school or ruin a concert. and I bathe him daily, shower, shave, and toilet him, hold his hand as we walk across the street, and he is now psychotic and I just lost my job due to this as he would come to work with me nightly as I could not leave him home alone, nor could I afford a babysitter. He almost got hit by a car tonight as my exhusband continues to be in denial of his issues and does not care for him properly, and I have to address this with proper authorities. I got fired on April 14th of this year due to the affects of autism, and I can’t find a job because of the surreal restrictions I face. My son was locked inside the bus for the night in the school bus warehouse 5 years ago for the night because the driver failed to check the bus. I called him to check up on my children as I had been at work and found Chris had not come home. He spent 45 minutes rocking back and forfth in the back repeatatively asking to go the batheroom when we found him. I do know the injustice and there is more severe delicate issues I rather not express in this letter. I would only feel comfortable sharing with a like minded parent as only they would have the compassion and understanding to discern, such as yourself. I too, have come to the brink of wits end and never thought I would resurface out of major depression, yet I have because I love my children. It was not easy, or a happy time. I am now pursuing fitness coaching, as I can parent my children and set my own hours . This has taken my countless years to achieve. I have very few friends due to autism, I am overwhelmed sometimes, yet this is when I remind myself of the good in which autism brings.
    I know because of the poor treatment and judging of me and my family over the years I have sustained, that I will rise above and not place focus in the hurt. I grew more assertive in asking for what I want, developed amazing insight for all around me and I grew intelligent in reclaiming responsibility for the things I could change. Through all the adversities , I am the strong assertive woman I am today. I was accused of starving my son, and investigated and told I had to go through psychological testing and when the real reason surfaced why he lost an enormous amount of weight and close to dying, it turned out to be from the very school in which he had attended and made the call on me. I never received an apology for 3 of there false accusations which dragged my name around in the mud and I was judged tried and convicted before anyone even bothered to get a chance to know me.
    Mr. Robbin’s company Anthony Robbin’s Foundation supports families with disabilities. Thirteen years ago, I was given two tickets by a friend to attend Unleash the Power Within, and it changed my life in ways I never imagined, I did a full 180 degrees turn for the outstanding.. What you do not know ,about Mr. Robbins is how generous he is with families of disabilities. I made a point to meet him face to face after the first UPW which is not an easy task mind you and shared with him my personal story with losing 145lbs. I had the experience to do the seminars in which many say are unobtainable by going out and actively seeking them. A gift of Date W/ Destiny was given to me along with three other seminars as I was proactive in writing letters to him letting him know my goals and never once was my requests ignored. Failure was not an option. I could have taken a different route and stayed obese and depressed about life, yet I took an active role and reclaimed responsibility for where I have brought my attitude. I found away to become assertive and hungry to seek out change and those who could have helped me. I have had 2 phenominal coaches help me through major obstacles Rod Hairston and currently working with Tony’s top coach Sharon Delgado who is brilliant and gets me to think and pushes me to step into unknowning territory for me to grow. I am going through amazing insight right now.
    There are many who do not know the truth about Anthony Robbins and make assumptions without finding out who he really is, and walk with the crowd who condemn him and never once attended a live event. I have been judged unfairly in God knows how many times. I have had DYFS visit my house with over ten occasions of false claims and all cases were proved unfounded as people on the outside do not live autism, and they don’t know the life no matter how educated they are. Not one person came to offer an apology as the severity of the claims were damaging to my reputation and my character. I was water cooler conversation, at my children’s schools as I was guilty as DYFS investigates charges of abuse and neglect. Multiple children who are disabled within a family will most likely get DYFS complaints as it has been found they are mistakenly accussed and this is a very common practice. Not only do we have to deal with the challenge of autism, yet the ignorance and the judging of the public around us adds to the disheartening situation.
    I have used many extremely beneficial techniques in behavior modification I have learned at his seminars and it has proved to be helpful with my children. Yes, Mr. Robbins has had outstanding success with individuals who work diligently on themselves to transform their lives. And I reiterate the change is coming from the individual themselves not from another person. A child with autism is without the capacity to understand nor apply change within himself. Autism is an alarming challenge for even the best the top notch experts who have studied countless years in the field and still come up short and confused because autism is a vast spectrum where no two children are alike. He has helped to teach me what to focus on, and share through funny amazing experiences what my potential truly is, and it is up to me now to take this knowledge and apply it to my life.
    I don’t know about business, or what would make a wise business decision as I could not further my education after my third year in college as I am immersed totally into the lives of my children. I don’t date as the first and last time I had, I had come home to a boy who was unconscious upstairs in his bed once again attempted suicide #5 as an act of fear in losing me. If I dated someone this meant he would lose me.
    To impose a belief that Mr. Robbin’s is motivated by business decisions which will bring him in money only is premature and not fairly investigated on your part. I impress upon you to learn more about the compassionate compelling man I know. I have a feeling once you do, your opinion of him will radically transform, As I too, Mr. Duncan walk in your shoes with knowing the life of autism, and have gone through much more unbelieveable challenges which I have not included, I encourage you to step outside of the belief which seems to harden your spirit, and encourage you to become assertive in introducing yourself to him on a more neutral level and leaving judgement behind. We of all people should know what it is like have judgement casted upon us unfairly, I invite you to offer the same consideration to Mr. Robbins. I do believe you will be effected in a most positive way. I offer my support to you and if at anytime you would like to connect I am pleased to do so because I am strong enough, and I believe you are as well.

    Jennifer Milne

    • Stuart Duncan August 1, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

      Jennifer, that’s quite a lot to live with!
      I didn’t say that Tony Robbins wouldn’t get involved because it’s a bad business decision, I said that I recognize that it is a bad business decision. I just want him to know that I understand the magnitude of what I’m asking.
      And charities and financial support for families with disabilities is truly wonderful but it’s still not the involvement that I’m asking for. To be honest, I’m not even really sure what it is exactly that I’m asking for but I know that more charities isn’t it. I think it’s more the “teach a man to fish” kind of thing. I don’t think the mother in that news story would have avoided her outcome by being given money or food or help with therapy… I think she needed someone to teach her how to do those things for herself, and how to never feel defeated no matter how bad it gets.
      What I’m saying is, I meant no disrespect by my post, quite the contrary. I have seen the amazing work he does, I just want to see it “a little closer to home”, if you know what I mean.

      I do have to say though that you are an inspiration, having gone through so much and still being strong… that’s truly amazing! I can’t even imagine having to deal with half of that although, Cameron only being 5, I guess I may yet find out if I can.

      I truly wish you all the best, that things only get better because for all you’ve done, you deserve it.

  4. Big Daddy August 1, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    My first thought was that we don’t need a celebrity spokesperson / cheerleader like Mr. Robbins. I think each of us with children on the spectrum can be great ambassadors for autism awareness.

    But on further reflection, how can it hurt to have someone “evangelizing” on our behalf? Look how well Jerry Lewis has done. I am all for it as long as the focus is on fostering acceptance and accomodation rather than just on cures and prevention.

    That said, I highly doubt Mr. Robbins will accept your challenge. Great post.

  5. Avak Bedikian March 8, 2011 at 5:29 pm #

    the letter is OUTSTANDING!! I am a father with an Autistic son too…however Stuart you have several limiting beliefs that disempower you BIG TIME that stop you or at the very least make it more difficult to help your son or other parents with Autistic kids!! Tony is not an inspiration to just the stars and celebrities…he has had more than 4million people attend his seminars over the years and we know there are not that many “celebrities” including me…
    “I want to see you walk into a house and prevent something like this from happening: Murder Suicide Involving Mom and Son with Autism” is another one, now i don’t know if Tony has ever dealt with this exact scenario but he has certainly dealt with potential suiciders and has not lost one person to suicide, he has turned them around completely…
    “I know that many of us would never be able to afford the tickets anyhow” is another limiting belief which ofcourse we know is not true, because there have been MANY people who have no money but have found a way to afford it…”I also know that it’s not a good business decision for you to get involved in the Autism community because no one makes money helping people that have no money” is another disempowering belief coz Tony has his foundation which feeds millions who can’t afford to have food on the table every year on Thanksgiving day so that’s certainly not a money making opportunity…the next bit is SPOT ON!!…”I’m putting this one out to you, because I respect you and I think (in the extremely unlikely event that you should ever even read this) that if anyone could say the words necessary to stop news stories like that from becoming more frequent… it’s you!” and i do hope Tony does respond to you…NOW what i’m going to do, is ask if you are aware of the Son-Rise program, which i am guessing you are not, do so and you will see there is a Tony Robbins waiting there for you and others with Autistic kids…have a BRILLIANT day!!

  6. sorry April 25, 2011 at 6:50 pm #

    I wanted to let you know to be really careful with Sharon Delgado. She is not what she seems to be. She is a thief first of all, and she is fleeing a real estate career gone very wrong where she hurt many people on the way.

  7. Barbara August 28, 2011 at 4:08 am #

    You need to check this out! Make sure that you watch all the videos, they start automatically one after another. Good luck!


  8. Bonnie August 15, 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    why are u addressing him as if HE was the one who caused ur childrens autism? I get it, you need help, but this is no way to approach it.

  9. Emilio October 13, 2014 at 10:12 am #

    I agree with Bonnie. But, tell me how are you dealing with this challenge. I may be able to help you if you believe I can.

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